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How much of an imbecile is AOC?

The hits just keep on coming with "progressive" Democrat imbeciles.  We have Nancy Peloser using the "Keep America White Again" phrase again, this time in reaction to Trump's wanting to put a citizenship question on the census.  We have Rep. Ilhan Omar calling Tucker Carlson a "racist fool" for saying something not race-related.  (The linked piece by Conor Friedersdorf is all quite fine and good fair comment, but note his refraining from calling Tucker's anti-Omar rant racist.)  We have Bozo O'Rourke saying America was "founded on white supremacy."  (Only on white supremacy?  Predominantly?  Primarily?)  (One seemingly kneejerk rightist rebuttal to this that I heard is that America was founded on Christianity.  How odd; so, like, it took Christianity 1700+ years to found a modern liberal republic and it merely just so happens that this founding took place less than a century after Locke.  Am I the crazy one here in thinking that it has more to do with Locke's ideas?  You know, using Mill's Methods or something similar?)

Does one even need to bother explaining how stupid these Dems(' statements) are?  Peloser for sure is beneath refutation.  You either have the common sense to recognize how foolish these people are or you don't, making any explanation on my part either redundant or futile.  These people have cried "racism" umpteen times already and they still don't get why half of America has a visceral revulsion toward them.

But AOC (a.k.a. Another Obnoxious Commie) seemingly never fails to take the cake in the Dem/left/"prog" imbecility department.  In her delusional narrative, she is all "woke," enlightened, a know-it-all, all within 3 decades of lifespan, while poor ol' Victor Davis Hanson, say, just couldn't get woke despite more than twice the life experience.  If you believe that, you may be a fucking imbecile, as AOC is.

The only question to me at this point isn't whether AOC is an imbecile, but how much of an imbecile she is.  Case in point:

Peloser and "The Squad" - the angry radical quartet of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley - have been in a catfight over how angry and radical the Democrat Party should get in its governing.  Peloser is too prudent for them, knowing that if she helps drag the party in the angry, radical direction it will damage the party's power.  (Power for the Democrat Party is Peloser's guiding principle (sic).  When she claims (dishonestly, of course) that Trump wants to make America white again, it's because she has made the calculation that claiming this is better for the Party's power-prospects.)

Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, pointed out the fact that Peloser and The Squad were in a catfight.  AOC then lectures Conway (and by implication all the readers) that what "catfight" really means is something sexist, especially if/when used by Republicans.  (How she learned this and how we're all supposed to instantly digest this new information is beyond me.  Twitter's notoriously toxic format almost virtually forbids elaboration and explanation; attention spans and interpretive abilities in that venue are beyond fried.)

Then Conway ally Lisa Boothe shoots back, pointing out (sarcastically) that Conway, a woman, is sexist toward women.  AOC, all hissing and claws out, then proceeds to lecture us all that "patriarchy has no gender."

This is Kellyanne Conway, wife of Trump-basher George Conway, whom AOC boldly declares has succumbed to internalized patriarchy, or something.

As I've said about Scumbag Kamala Harris, AOC is more clever than wise and not very clever at that.  (You might not know this if your brain has been twitterized.)

I'd like to venture a hypothesis about Scumbag Harris and "The Squad": these individuals have gotten away with their shit for as long as they have, in the milieus they have inhabited, because pushing back against "women of color" in said milieus when said women are being idiotic is likely to cause the usual "SJW"-style backlash meant to silence dissent.  (See above for examples.)  In other words, "women of color" enjoy greater latitude and privilege within "progressive" milieus to push idiotic notions.  Now they get on the national political stage and can't handle the inevitable pushback with intellectual maturity and decency, instead falling back on their long-worn-out "SJW" formulas since that's all they know.  [Edit: See what I mean?]  [Edit: This is Peloser getting a taste of the medicine she pushed in Trump's direction: Live by the race card, die by the race card.]

I'll go further in the case of AOC: She is so far gone into the deranged mentality of the hubristic (see also: Dunning-Kruger) anticapitalist left that I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is easily brainwashable into being, oh, say, hardcore Cultural Revolution material, or a tankie.

I mean, just think about it for a second; it only stands to reason.

Humans aren't so biologically and culturally differentiated that under the "right" circumstances a sizable percentage of them couldn't be brainwashed into believing and doing the most ridiculous and evil stuff.  Well, who in American society today best fits the profile of the charismatic, brainwashable leftist/anticapitalist/socialist/communist?  Heck, given the charisma involved, who would be one of the chief brainwashers under a Stalinist/Maoist scenario?  (Just see Comrade AOC's twitter feed for plenty of brainwashees who willingly sacrifice what intellect they have to defend the twerp.)  Many lesser minds inspired by Marx bought into stuff that's widely discredited today (e.g., labor theory of value; historical materialism; socialism; "Revolution!"), but it surely seemed (to them) so logically and scientifically compelling, enough so to trample over millions of bodies to "achieve" their aims (and, when they fail, to always manage to find more-clever-than-wise ways to blame something or someone else (usually capitalism/capitalists), and to ignore or smear their critics [e.g.]).

So, that's approximately how much of an imbecile she is (and how much evil she is capable of).

(And have you noticed how seemingly no one in the left-leaning MSM is calling AOC out on all her shit?  Also: I'm hearing a lot more "SJW"-style call-outs [i.e., crying racism, sexism, etc.] than talk of the importance of freedom coming from prominent Democrats these days.  It reveals their priorities.)

I should add that pretty much all of the names mentioned above, with the exception of VDH and to a lesser extent Carlson, are not anywhere near the level of smarts or (more importantly) wisdom of the founders of this great nation, every major one of them members of the American Philosophical Society.  By contrast the current figures are intellectual pipsqueaks in need of philosophy boot camp ASAFP.


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