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#BlackLivesMatter, #EqualPay and the Anthem

The athletes disrespecting the flag and country during the National Anthem should do better than Trump.  Instead of sowing further division and sending all kinds of the wrong message (and Kaepernick and by extension Nike definitely crossed over the line with the Betsy Ross flag thing without even so much as a word of dialogue with flag- and country-lovers - roughly as shameful and disgraceful as Google's rebuttal-by-firing of James Damore[*]), they should use their creative powers to both respect the flag and send their message.

[*] - This particularly ugly episode in "woke social justice" history has me believing with at least 98% confidence that Rectenwald has these anti-dialogue cultists dead to rights.  I cannot abide these aspiring mini-Maos; disgusting creatures.  I won't even touch the trans issue with a ten foot pole given the rampant toxicity/radioactivity there I've seen just on surface inspection.  If an entity like Google fucks up as badly as it did with Damore, ... .  Good-faith arguments create a "hostile work environment"?  What planet are these creatures on?  Do I want to know?  I'll prioritize my knowing elsewhere, thanks.]

Just an idea that came up on the spur of the moment:  Arm up to heart, with #EQUALPAY in big letters on the visible portion of the arm.  If that doesn't work, push the envelope a little more.  Shirt with both the flag and EQUAL PAY on it, perhaps?  Something, anything other than kneeling or whatever as though the rest of us are supposed to just understand and go along (and the more lightning-fast, the better?).

Don't destroy your credibility by wearing socks depicting cops as pigs.  Don't destroy your credibility by demanding that shoes with the American flag be recalled on the manifestly dubious grands that they might "cause hurt."  (And shame on Bozo O'Rourke, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand and other even-lesser lights among the Dimocrat candidates for supporting Nike in their dickhead decision.)

Make it unmistakably clear that ending police brutality and equal pay (the real kind, not the one demanded by ignorant Dims who throw around bullshitted-up pay stats like so many worse-than-damned-lies) are American causes that all of us - the best within us - can and should get behind.

What ever gave these Dem/Dimwits the idea that infantile antics during the Anthem was a worthy way to protest injustice?  Can you imagine athletes in, say, the '70s or '80s pulling this kind of shit?  No.  There was still respect and civility on the left back then.

Don't give a president doing dickhead moves a victory on this.  Because not respecting the flag/country is also a dickhead move.  Trump has a trump card here: the American flag and what it stands for.

Speaking of which, what on earth happened to the social-justice left over the last 50 years, I wonder:

MLK in Selma, AL (1964)
Obama in Selma (2014)

(Checkmate, Democrats.)

[Also, do not miss the previous posting which ties into this one.  Bunch of un-wisdom-loving dickheads all around.]


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