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When AOC wept, or: she retweeted the photos

[Point of reference: "When Chomsky wept"]

Another Obnoxious Commie (AOC) retweeted photos of herself weeping at the sight of detained children at the border.  Maybe this insufferable ignoramus just doesn't have enough life experience to know this is in poor taste (presumably someone like Chomsky would know better) - which then gives lie to her pretense to being a know-it-all with the intellectual and moral chops to take down all those right-wing jerks in a single tweet.

Her photo-retweeting amounts to a phony display of moral superiority.  I don't mean that her tears are phony - I'm sure that anyone with moral common sense could weep at the tragically shitty situation these kids detained at the border are in - but that her pretense to moral superiority is.  AOC (and the left's) intellectual and moral compasses aren't superior to the rest of ours.

And since AOC is always on the pretend-moral-superiority march - and she's made clear that factual correctness and knowledge take a back seat to moral correctness (how's that for a fact/value dichotomy, eh? or: how does she know she's morally correct?  or: if she's so factually ignorant and all full of hubris on that count, how morally upstanding is that?  or: if she's so unreliable factually and full of hubris on that count, how reliable is she on moral questions?) - this photo-retweeting thing would be just another instance in a long sequence of phony moral grandstanding.

She's getting eaten alive on twitter for this, which is all too fitting given her charismatic exploitation of that notoriously toxic, anti-intellectual, dopamine-over-truth medium.

Doing a bit of searching on this I came across a couple paragraphs from an opinion piece by David Limbaugh every bit of which rings true:
But here's the good news. AOC is unteachable, because she is unwilling to be taught. Full of hubris, she already knows everything and is the champion of every leftist cause. She leads with her unbridled emotions, happily ignorant of the facts. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi would love to corral her but would not dare even hint at that, shrewdly recognizing the mob attraction AOC enjoys with the Party's shrieking base. Pelosi knows better than to chastise AOC and so ducked the question when asked why AOC never shuts up. 
Well, I'm with Pelosi, for different reasons. Please don't shut up, AOC. We appreciate your drawing a sharp contrast every day between the noxious views of your party, which now dutifully embodies your extremism, and those representing responsible governance. Thank you for liberally exercising your First Amendment freedoms.
The issue here isn't AOC per se - the only reason she's a national figure is that she's a charismatic figure (either a good or a bad thing, depending on the context) who won in a thoroughly uncompetitive, ethnically-gerrymandered district where the "exchange of ideas" is limited to doctrinal disputes among extreme leftists (e.g., exactly how much of the talents/energies/minds-bodies of the rich[*] should be at the disposal of the collective/state) - but rather the issue is what her prominence on the national stage says about her party, its hubris and ideological bankruptcy, and the nation's intellectual bankruptcy.   (Cure: philosophical education, for fuck's sake already.)

[* - Speaking of Comrade de Bozio's "money in the wrong hands" remark, I'm left guessing whether he and fellow leftists envision some $100B pile of cash Bezos has stowed away in a vault, not doing anything for anyone.  Maybe they envision him as Scrooge McDuck, diving into and swimming around in a pool of gold coins?  And speaking of Comrade de Bozio, how on earth did New Yorkers elect this clown?  I thought the intellectual and moral compasses were superior there in the big cities?]

Sooner or later she's going to be asked about Ayn Rand and the answer will not reflect well on her, guaranteed - because all she's ever "learned" about Rand is leftist smears she would have lapped up uncritically from within her Comprachico-ized intellectual milieu.  Under not-far-fetched conditions she could easily have been brainwashed into staunch support for a Commie regime; her intellectually reckless antipathy to capitalism virtually assures it.  If you think Rand's portrayal of the public-sector types in Atlas is some kind of wild cartoonish hyperbole - a bunch of obnoxious commies in essence - you only need imagine what a critical mass of AOC- (or Scumbag Duggan-)types run amok would bring about.  Or, heck, just look at the pitiful intellectual and moral state of the Democrat Party today.

There was a time when the Democrats had intellectually and morally decent figures like Sen. Moynihan; there is no comparable figure in the party today (else we'd all know about it, wouldn't we).  The left as a whole still has intellectuals like Chomsky around, but not for much longer.  Hasn't it ever occurred to these hubristic fools that the very best minds - the very tail end of the political-ideological bell curve, not the merely-clever who might be mistaken for being on that tail end - have migrated over time (probably through attrition, given the sorry intellectual character of committed leftists post-Nozick) to the "right," in particular the libertarian (and especially Aristotelian-Randian) variety of "rightist" thought?  If leftists are so sure of their superiority, shouldn't they be willing to put such a hypothesis to the test?

In sum (and it's a point her twitter hecklers in this age of intellectually-degenerate politics struggle to articulate): the very fact of AOC cluelessly retweeting her weeping-photos undermines her pretense to superiority.


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