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What is an impeachable offense?

President Clinton lied under oath when asked if he was ever alone with 'Miss' Lewinsky: "I don't recall."  Demon Rat congress critters gave him a pass for that.  They gave him a pass on witness-tampering charges in connection with his conversations with his secretary Betty Currie and others.

So why are Demon Rats not willing to give Trump a pass for less than what they gave Clinton a pass for?

The question answers itself; we are not in the realm of logic, intellectual honesty or wisdom-loving here.  We are in the realm of politics without philosophy.  And the only thing Nancy Peloser is considering in whether or not to impeach Trump is how it will affect her party in the next election, and not whether it's the right thing to do.  It's the only thing Demon Rats in 1999 cared about when it came to the subject of impeaching Clinton.

This should be blazingly obvious to anyone who paid attention both times around.

We can turn the tables and ask why Republicans are willing to give Trump a pass when they didn't give Clinton one.  Well, for one thing, Trump didn't lie under oath.  (Note I said "less than what [Demon Rats] gave Clinton a pass for.")  For another, Democrats are supposed to be intellectually and morally superior, as they imply with any number of things they say about themselves (including labeling themselves "progressive") and about Republicans ("basket of deplorables/irredeemables," etc.).

It's not exactly like the GOP is hot shit (remember when they drank the Sarah Palin Kool-Aid? how they condone evolution-denial? how they treat cannabis users like children?  how they dogmatically cling to "rights begin at conception"? etc.), but something about the Demon Rats today says: intellectual account overdrawn.


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