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Prediction: Trump (or a Republican) will win in 2020

Mark my words; I'd be willing to bet 10,000 to 1 odds on this.  Details to come.  Gist: the Republican Party isn't morally and intellectually bankrupt (it's part way there, more in the intellectual rather than moral part, I think), but the Democrat Party is (i.e., in a different category - of primarily-intellectual degeneracy and perversity).  Heck, even I, an ordinary joe citizen with common sense and persistence, could wipe the floor with any of these two-dozen statist clowns.  But for Trump it should be plenty easy enough; just look how he dispatched with Crooked Hillary, the most pretend-qualified candidate in modern history (and my implication her cynical enablers, including it appears all the two dozen clowns).

The American people don't want their fucking statism and controls and their "free" this and that for illegals, their increasingly-expensive intellectual meltdown on college campuses, their hubristic contempt, their being the boy who cried racism and immediately assume the worst about their opponents and still haven't learned their lesson with the Trump win, their coddling of warped and destructive public-sector rent-capture, their mendaciously-worded "reproductive freedom / women's health" (OMG where do they get this newspeak facepalm) on demand funded in part by nuns through tax punishments, envy disguised as "compassion," their culpably defying economic consensus and logic with their dogmatic commitment to so-called minimum wage (and these dipshits have the nerve to cry racism at the drop of a red hat?), their equation of morality with politics, widespread illegitimacy among Democrat-friendly demographics, their lackluster to shitty record on (un-bullshitted-up) freedom, their reckless demagoguery on Trump's proposed border wall, their downright demonic smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., all spiraling in a web of doubling down on failure and denial, 'kay?  Not hard to figure out, not hard at all.


On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone have any pointers for me as to where I could find the best blog on the internet?  I like to keep an eagle eye out for that sort of thing; but for all my exhaustive-seeming-to-me look at the intellectual landscape today I can't seem to think of any that are remotely in the same league as what this blog here is doing.  And to narrow things down a bit, for there to be such a thing as a best blog on the internet (wait, is there an off-internet blog?) it would have to be a philosophy one, right?

Wouldn't it most likely stand to reason that the 2nd best blog on the internet would also be a philosophy blog?  For that distinction I nominate this one.  It's the one I visit most often for pure philosophical material (where the profession's most popular blog, despite its uses, falls relatively short).  That author there has the leftists' number, too - most likely inductively based on countless exception-less instances of leftist scummery, amiright?  As a nice bonus, he's vastly learned on other subjects as well.

But I don't see that blog very loudly pushing the whole Philosophy for Children/Everyone or (synonymously?) 'Better Living Through Philosophy', either, much less the whole 'Aristotelian' thing consciously and explicitly taking after - in spirit, if not in letter - the most formidable intellect in human history to date.  I don't see any other blog even coming close to what that first-linked blog up there is doing in that regard.  Why in the fuck aren't any of the other blogs (that I know of, but what the fuck do I know, idk) doing that?

Have you seen the output of that blog in just the past week?  (After a three months' hiatus, that is; what happened in the meantime, thumb-twiddling?  Staring blankly into space?)

If any of you reading this knows of a superior blog to that one, please contact me ASAFP, pretty please with sugar on top, show me a fucking blog better than that one, so that I can emulate and try to catch up.  I'd like to be proven wrong about something for once, for shit's sake.

The guy is kinda an asshole, though, huh?  Am I wrong?  Okay then.  (We play Clintana and O'Rourke next week, they should be pushovers.)

Next thing you know he'll be throwing down the gauntlet to Scumbag Lisa Duggan at 10,000 to 1 odds, amiright? :D

And get me some of that flower he's smokin', huh?  Wow. ^_^

Also, this blog serves a pretty useful content-integrating function.  Why isn't he a nationally recognized hero ffs already, if hubristic nitwits like Another Obnoxious Commie can rise to that status?  Just because he's not on the junior high playground that is twitter doesn't mean he isn't worth following.

[Update: Thinking it through some more, I'm unsure if I'm using the odds-based-challenge idea properly.  What I'm trying to say is, I'm pretty fucking certain, man.  They're pushovers compared to Trump.  Same with Scumbag Duggan compared to that first-linked blogger.]


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