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Is this blog too abrasive?

Someone sent me the questions/input copypasted below, which I'll answer in a follow-up post.

Meanwhile, if any of you reading this is a fat fucking pig and wants to do something about it, perhaps you just haven't found the proper motivation.  (Anecdote: a Church pastor friend of mine shed 100 pounds of fat and added 15+ pounds of muscle in 7 months using simple Snake Diet tricks.  And there's a shitload of other anecdotal cases that would be widely known about if only snowflakes weren't so triggered by truth and go tattling so much to the ban-happy 'net nannies.)  'Snake Diet Wizard' Cole Robinson is a motivational genius.  Stop fucking eating, fatty!


Hello, I've read your articles of which you've posted recently on [...] I just wanted to make a few comments via pm (Out of respect for you and myself). I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and quite a few of the links you've posted along with it. I felt that you presented a well defined argument and used valid sources to support your thoughts. My only criticism of it lies within your descriptive language of those you view as your opposition. The rational for describing them in such a way (correct me if I'm wrong) is that of disdain for those that show ignorance and apathy on Objectivism. I can see your views oon this as I've felt similarly with my peers. However, I implore you to reconsider this approach in further writing. Human are rational beings after all. Why do you believe your opponents refuse to see past their own flawed opinions? When you so clearly demonstrate a much better alternative? I will argue it matters in presentation. You arguments carry weight to the point of being attacks on character not just position. Vast generalizations were made upon your opponents in your description of them being intellectually lethargic. I believe you carry great sway with your rhetoric, but so much more is gained when look through their perspective and provide them with the bread crumbs so to speak to lead them toward their own better informed opinion. At the end of the day I see your posts as having more value when used to persuade rather than being used to "win" an argument. I only tell you this as I greatly appreciate your writing and wish to hear less vitriol and more rational understandings. Please do let me know if I'm off base in my criticisms. I don't wish to misconstrue you or your thoughts.

[Update: I already have in mind a title for the follow-up posting to this one: "Q: Is this blog too abrasive? A: Fuck no! (and I'm just getting warmed up, motherfucker)"]


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