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Philosophy for children

If this is the last thing I ever write publicly that'll be okay, because it points to the best solution I can think of for society's present ills.

In recent days I've had to take time out of my otherwise top-priority heavy-duty philosophy text research.  (I only just now purchased, and need to read more than the first 50-ish pages of, Parfit's Reasons and Persons, ffs -- a task that one might think long overdue for a sage, which is not something I claim to be, as I am but a fanatical wisdom-seeker.)  Why have I had to put that research on hold?  Because of another topic of research of its own sort: the epistemic criminality run rampant -- also known by the term "toxicity" -- in our public discourse which I find everywhere I look on the internet and other mass media.  It has reached a fever pitch, having something to do with a MAGA-hat wearing President.  I've never seen it nearly this bad (save perhaps for observing Rand-bashers do their thing, which is about the lowest bar one can set).  The intellectual potential being wasted here is of monumental significance.  ("Monumental" seems an understatement, but "cataclysmic" may be overkill; somewhere in between?)  I plan to blog further about this in the coming days, but should I happen to kick the bucket before then, here is my proposed solution to all that:

Philosophy for Children (entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a resource the authoritativeness of which any philosopher can vouch for)

YouTube videos (59K views in 7 years for the most-viewed video here?  Seriously?)

If there's a way I could bet on philosophy-for-children futures, I would, because the stock is really cheap and the upside may be astronomical.  I don't even need to elaborate on the merits, it's all there in its gist in the article with all the leads you'd ever really need to get the ball rolling.  (One of the books in the bibliography I've read is Marietta McCarty's Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids.  It's good, even as a semi-casual refresher for long-time philosophers.  It makes it perfectly obvious that kids as young as about 7 years of age can integrate philosophical material.[*])  There's only good arguments in favor of philosophy for children, and no good arguments against that I can even fathom.

Perhaps the only thing needed to do to speed up the process of introducing this manifestly beneficial intellectual discipline to children is for a sufficiently ambitious author to integrate the available research on the subject with a fanatically intellectual-perfectionist approach to the very discipline of philosophy itself, and market the resulting product under the title of something like Better Living Through Philosophy: Kid's Edition.  The only thing necessary to make that happen is for someone to do the required research....

Cost-benefit-wise, this is far and away the biggest no-brainer of all time.

(Philosophy for adults isn't a bad idea, either....)

[*] - I might add "to their immeasurable enrichment" as a rhetorical flourish, even though measurement is fundamental to our conceptual form of reasoning.  But "immeasurable" may well be a technical and literal way of referring to enrichment in kind, not merely in degree.  Something to think about, anyway.  Ain't philosophy fun? :)  (Possible future blog topic: Is philosophy fun?)

[UPDATE: Who can teach children philosophy?  Short answer: just about anyone!]


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